Business Practices

For the love of family and earth, Satch & Sol partners with fair trade artisan cooperatives in Mongolia. Fair Trade translates simply to paying appropriate amounts for handmade products. Under fair trade conditions, artists are better able to earn and provide livable wages, child labor is prohibited, communities are economically strengthened, and families are more able to live together versus searching out work at far away factories. As individuals and within cooperatives, each artist sets her pricing based on current raw material costs and the cost of living. Satch & Sol pre-pays all artists for their work, including samples. Satch & Sol pays for all customs costs, shipping, and handling fees.
Satch & Sol strives to be eco-friendly through product selection and business practices. We avoid  products whose creation brings large amounts of waste, despite how lovely or profitable those products might be. Practicing traditional felting, many artistsuse allnatural dyes, and work only with wool that originates in Mongolia, and most frequently from their cooperative-owned herds. In Seattle, Satch & Sol focuses on leaving a small footprint by re-using packaging materials, focusing on online marketing, keeping marketing collateral to a minimum, printing and wrapping using 100% recycled or re-used paper, and more. Satch & Sol became an approved member of Green America in August 2009.