Our Story

Satch & Sol is founded on the principles of Handmade Artistry, Fair Trade, Eco-friendly Business Practices, and Family. In Mongolia, the art of felting is several thousand years old with unmatched beauty and quality. The handmade processes ensure that no two items are ever exactly alike. 
Satch & Sol is a family business that helps to support families in Mongolia, and offers a family-friendly, handmade collection. Satch & Sol began by working with CHF Mongolia’s GER initiative, which stood for Growing Entrepreneurship Rapidly. GER focused keeping families together by inspiring Fair Trade entrepreneurs to build businesses in Mongolia, rather than seeking work in China or Russia. When the Soviet Union gave up occupation of Mongolia in the early 90s after over 75 years, Mongolia was left with very little infrastructure. Without CHF, many adults would have been separated from their families to provide income for their children.
Begun in 2008, Satch & Sol is a beloved family business in Seattle, WA, owned and operated by Susan Bell with the assistance and support of her husband and three young sons. Please contact handmade@satchsol.com for more information.